Going RAW

Hello all! I’m Megan and I am 10 days into a 100% raw diet. I try to do this every January for at least a month. My last day on this raw fast will be February 11 as you can see from my countdown clock below. I spent the last 10 years living in Manhattan, but recently moved and now I live in Massachusetts with my family and work in Non-Profit Management/Education. We have a 3 year old corgi-mix rescue pup named Olive who has the biggest personality of all of us. I am seeking a MA in Project Management. I collect gemstones and enjoy learning about the healing properties associated with each.

My decision to go raw is twofold; physical health and spiritual/mental clarity. I am overwhelmed at the amount of energy I have, even without synthetic or natural stimulators. My body feels better and my connection to Spirit is readily accessible.
I highly suggest everyone try eating raw, even if just for a day or two at a time. Here is one yummy and easy recipe if any of you would like to give raw a try!

And a quick video of Chef Matthew Kenney who talks about the nutrient dense benefits of eating raw food, and the ease of preparing them at home.


Here are my 2 current favorite raw “cook” books. The book on the right is very simple and easy to follow. It is great for weeknight meals and quick fixes. The book on the left is a bit more complicated and some recipes call for equipment not normally found in a conventional kitchen. Both are full of really great recipes I recommend anyone to try.

My favorite raw "cook" books